“We are mindful that our business is contingent upon your success.”

We never stop looking at your business through the wide lens of our 40 years of experience,
our familiarity with the financial world and our carefully cultivated relationships.

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Preparing Financial Statements

Finances form the basis of all businesses. That is why it is of paramount importance to ensure that every detail of a financial statement is correct. How We Do It

A Complete Solution

We pride ourselves in seeing the whole picture. Our wide-angle accounting services helps your dynamic, growing business be fully prepared to deal with all business situations. Read More

Intelligent Tax Planning & Preparation

Virtually every business decision you make involves significant tax considerations. You work hard to build profits and you are entitled to an aggressive and prudent tax strategy designed to limit your tax liabilities and maximize your revenue. By planning for your taxes intelligently, you can net substantial savings and make things go smoothly and stress free. What Our Tax Planning Services Include

Protecting from & Handling Tax Audits

We “audit-proof” your business, and eliminate stress, allowing you to focus on developing your company’s growth. You can count on us to instill confidence and ease. Read More

Understanding Your Business Credit Needs

Credit infuses growing businesses with financing capabilities. We can help you determine your business credit needs and what type of financing best suits your situation. Read More

Long-Term Family Wealth Planning

In today’s fluid tax and regulatory environment, Saul N. Friedman & Company helps you understand your financial options and plan wisely for your family’s financial future. Read More