A dynamic, growing business needs to be fully prepared to deal with ever-changing business situations.

We pride ourselves in seeing the whole picture. Our vision offers wide-angle accounting services which involve taking a comprehensive look at your business and offering your firm an experienced hand to solve problems, anticipate difficulties, and provide counsel.

When making business decisions you need to pay attention to the multitude of details that can make the difference between pitfalls, and potential gains. You need the resources, connections, large spectrum of services and depth of knowledge that only a full-scope accounting firm like Saul N. Friedman & Company can offer.

We Help You by:

  • Providing the long-term perspective and experience to ensure intelligent short-term decisions.
  • Making informed and proactive decisions based on accurate financial data, thereby avoiding costly mistakes.
  • Giving you a balanced perspective based on both financial and circumstantial considerations.
  • Facilitating advantageous business, banking, and government relationships.

We Offer Advice On:

  • Defense Strategies
  • Preparing Proper Documentation
  • Staff Employment & Compensation Packages
  • Evaluating, Purchasing & Selling Businesses
  • Litigation Support
  • Marketing & Sales Initiatives
  • Insurance & Claims
  • Due Diligence Reports
  • Preparing you in the event a Din Torah is necessary
  • Bankruptcy / workouts / turnarouds
  • Arbitrating Disputes