Experience & Wisdom

You want the best financial advice available – input that is well-informed, keenly focused on the bottom line, objective, and comprehensive.
We are very proactive in ensuring our clients have systems that accurately report in real time their business activity which allows sound financial reporting, budgeting, tax planning & alignment with overall business strategy.
We do not view our role as serving businesses that have owners; rather, our clients are owners who have businesses. As such, the value we add ultimately benefits the owners on a personal level.
We differentiate ourselves by providing our clients on a personal level, the peace of mind in knowing that they are properly guided, have timely & accurate financial information, and all the tools needed to make wise business & personal financial decisions.

Cultivated Relationships

Our carefully cultivated professional relationships can guide you through the complicated decisions that lead to the right financing strategy, enabling you to expand your business horizons.

Personalized Attention

A client at Saul N. Friedman & Company is never alone in making critical business decisions. Behind each decision stands the full resources of an accounting firm with the financial know-how to inspire confidence and ensure success. We welcome your questions and work with dedication to resolve your challenges.

Careful Analysis

We custom design your reports and analyses for your company based on a clear reading of your history and future projections. Our team members scrupulously oversee your account with monthly on-site visits to ensure that your books and records are up to date. This culminates in year-end planning, and informative user-friendly reports & presentations.

Integrity & Reputation

At Saul N. Friedman & Company, we value our reputation. We strive to win your trust by doing business honestly and with utmost integrity. That is why after more than 40 years in practice, our first client is still with us! Our company’s reputation for integrity and perfect business practices has collectively helped us assemble more than $1,000,000,000 of capital for our clients.


At Saul N. Friedman & Company, good planning, efficiency and timeliness are key. We consider it the secret to success behind our system of tax data analysis and forward-planning results. As such, you can count on our timely service to allow your business to thrive on predictability and well-ordered efficiency.
We believe that timely tax returns promote confidence and encourage efficiency. Our drive and focus is for all returns prepared by Saul N. Friedman & Company to be filed on time, without requests for extensions.