• How We Protect Your Business from Tax Audits:

    In order to avoid unwelcome tax audit disruptions of your business, you need to make your presentation of your tax returns as accurate as possible. If your own tax-filing forms inspire confidence, they can keep burdensome reviews and audits at bay. We exert every effort to “audit-proof” your business, and eliminate stress, allowing you to focus on developing your company’s growth.

  • How We Handle Your Tax Audits

    Even the most scrupulously run businesses need to be prepared for the possibility of a tax audit. When it happens, the cross-examinations that follow can be intrusive and costly. Saul N. Friedman & Company’s extensive experience means that we are equipped to launch an aggressive defense of your interests. If you need a complex defense, we save you valuable time and resources by coordinating your response through our office. We hold discussions, meetings and negotiations with IRS auditors for you at our own locations. In this way, we aim to shield you from exhaustive meetings with the IRS’ personnel and from having audits performed at your own business’ site.

  • About Our Tax Audit Experts:

    We hold a champion record of reaching favorable resolutions for our clients. Our in-house legal and financial professionals are backed by a network of affiliated specialists interested in resolving your case. What may seem to be confusing to you in the world of tax audits is familiar terrain for us. You can count on us to navigate you through it with confidence and ease.