Scammers Impersonate IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers

The IRS continues to caution taxpayers to remain alert to scams even after the tax season has ended. In the latest scam, fraudsters have been using phone numbers that mimic IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers while demanding payment on nonexistent tax bills. The scammers have programmed their computers to display the local Tax Assistance Center’s phone number which appears on the taxpayer’s Caller ID when the call is made.  They then demand payment, typically via debit card.

Scammers also have been pretending to be calling from local sheriff’s offices, state motor vehicle departments, federal agencies, and others to convince taxpayers that the call is legitimate.

It’s important to note that IRS employers at local TAC offices do not call taxpayers demanding payment for old tax bills. The agent usually initiates contact by mail. There are some rare circumstances when the IRS will call or visit a residence or business, such as when there is an overdue tax bill, or to tour a business as part of a criminal investigation. Even then, taxpayers typically receive several notices by mail before the call or visit.

Remember to stay alert, and contact SNFCO if you have any questions: 718.232.1111.